Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dumont Dunes!

Last weekend we took an eventful trip to the dunes!! It started off good, we all loaded up in the motor-home and were on our way. When we got to Vegas we experienced some trailer issues and ended up camping out in a Pizza Hut parking lot until the next morning when the guuys could fix the trailer! Oh well, it ended up being some good fun and we made some good memories, atleast we made it to the dunes and ended up having some fun!!!

Saying goodbye to the Pizza Hut, finally!!

Trent and Jeremy! Good job boys!!

Sid, Brody and Sadie.

Hold on kids!!! Sid is behind the wheel, that could get scary!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Very Busy Week!!!

Well last week was a very busy week, and I had no time to post any pics, so here it all is!!! Our fun-filled week!! First we went to Staheli Farm and did the corn maze and pumpkin patch, then we carved pumpkins at the Hansen's with all the family, and last but not least, Halloween Day!!! It started with trick or treating at the high school, then our ward's trunk or treat, and we finished up at the Hansen's for our usual Halloween dinner. We had alot of fun and Abrie got more than enough candy!! Thanks everyone for alot of fun this week and good memories!


Abrie, what a cute witch!

Tavie, Allie, Brody, Lexi, and Abrie at the high school!

Abrie and Bailey, both witches!

Abrie and her "boyfriend", the robot, Wyatt.

John and his crazy costume! He made it and it got alot of attention everywhere we went!

Our good looking family picture!! (Will we ever grow up?)

Ellie in her peacock costume.

Emmie, the bumble bee.

Me and Cach, dressing up is so fun!

Kambrey, the ladybug.

Sjandi, Kambrey, and Travis.

Aunt Summer with Kambrey, Emmie, and Abrie. (Ofcourse, Ellie fell asleep just in time to take some pictures!)

Ellie, after she woke up, and Abrie.

The entire Hansen clan, all in costume ofcourse!!!