Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Women Want Expo

I just wanted to let everyone know that our flower clips and headbands will be at the What Women Want Expo this friday and saturday, Oct. 24th and 25th.
We are having some really good show specials so come visit us!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dashboard Concert!!!!

Okay, so last week we had a little girls trip to Vegas to see Dashboard Confessional at the Hard Rock Hotel!!! It was so much fun and long over due, its always good to get away with the girls!! We will definately have to do it again!

We had to eat at PF Chang's and it was well worth it!! I love the lettuce wraps and I could eat them everyday!!

Jess, Tara, Cami, me, and Cassi at the concert!

Chris Carrabba, the singer of Dash!!!

Cami, me and Jess.

All of us at the show!

We love Kanye! A little fun in the hotel!!

Its cowgirl time!

Breakfast the next morning!

Time to go home, goodbye Vegas!!!!!!!!

Thanks girls for a good time!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Trent!!!!

Well Trent's birthday was on sat. Oct. 4th and he did quite the celebrating. On thurs. my mom made him dinner and we had a little party with my grandparents, on sat. we went to dinner with friends, and on sun. his family came over for cake!!! He turned 29, what an old timer huh!!!!

Well he wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I don't know why because I think it is so embarassing when they make you ride that saddle, but ofcourse he had way too much fun with it!
Everyone at dinner. Trent, me, Jamie, Levi, Tara, Decker, Cassi, and John.
At my mom's house. Papa Joe, Trent, and Abrie. Trent and my Grandpa's birthdays are on the same day.
At our house for cake!!!
He is such a crazy kid!! Hard to believe he is 29 now. Happy Birthday Honey!!!! Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Subway

Last saturday Trent had the chance to go up to Zion and hike the Subway!!! He had a ton of fun but said it was a lot harder than he thought. It took them about 8 hours but it was worth it!!!

Trent with Cassi, John, Tara, David, Adrienne and some friends.
Trent, John, Adrienne, Tara and Cassi.

Trent and Adrienne.

Part of the hike they had to go in the water and swim and they said it was really cold.

Cassi and Tara wore wet suits!

Cassi, Tara, and John.
Everyone taking their lunch break.

It sounds like they had a really good time. I hope to try it next year with everyone since I couldn't! Hopefully when the water is warmer, or else I will just have to brave it huh!